Saturday, March 21, 2009


Alright everyone...let's say it all together now..."What's in your drawers?"

The first picture is what's in my ribbon drawer. These are the short pieces, leftovers and those from swaps. I love ribbon swaps! I love a little of everything if you haven't noticed by now.

This next drawer belongs to Pat Winters , the most gifted crazy quilter I have ever seen. Please take the time to go to her blog and look at her work. It is fabulous!

My friend Rita from sent this photo to me of her ribbon drawer and a beautiful vintage purse. Rita makes soap, photo albums, greeting cards and so much more. Stop by her Etsy store and see what she's up to. Her soaps make your hands so soft!

Alright now, send me some pictures of your drawers! Send them to and watch in the future to see "What's in your drawers."


  1. Hi Mary....I just listed you on my blog for worthy of the Kreativ blogger award....hop over to my blog and pick it up!!

  2. I just want to say that I'm tickled to think that you believe my stuff makes it in to drawers. I got a shelving unit to help me organize and yet, I still have piles on my floor.