Thursday, December 11, 2014

What isn't in my drawers!

Okay!  I'm going to do this again,  so get ready!  I'm going to go take some pics and I'll be back! .Thanks for stopping back by.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tinsel Trading Co at Dallas Market Center

Here is what I'm adding to my drawers!  Tinsel Trading Co. is in Dallas!  I bought as much as I could!

Vintage bullion, scrap, glitters, tags, gift boxes, metal threads and more.  It may take some time for it to make it into my drawers though.  Eye Candy!

 This cute little hedgehog will never make it into my drawers!

Vintage scrap, letterpress tags and muslin bag.

Wonderful vintage bullion.

 The kits are fantastic!

I love the look of these little boxes of metal thread!

So if you can access the Dallas Market Center either Sunday the 24th or Monday the 25th, you better run while supplies last.  If you don't get to make it there, stop by the website

Welcome back!

Long time no write!

What's in your drawers?  Send me a couple of pictures of your favorite drawers and I'll post them here.  I'll add links to your blogs, websites and stores.  Send them to

Looking forward to it!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Time really does fly for me. I can't tell you how many times that my mom would tell me "Your minutes turn into hours". She was so right! Sorry for the humongous gap in posts. I'll try harder! Also, have you sent me a picture of your favorite drawers?

Well, here are the contents of my newest drawer! One of my best finds in a long time. These are parts of vintage souvenir bracelets. I got about 25 bracelets that were in various condition. Some from France, Australia, Asia and more. I'm using them to make necklaces. Oh okay, I'll also post a picture of one of the necklaces. Let me know what you think if you get a minute.


I made something special for the church fairs I'm doing this year. I used a gospel music book from the late 1800's and picked out words that would "say" something in the space allowed and then added a religious charm. They were very popular at the first church event. Let's hope they will be tomorrow also.

If you are in the area, won't you stop by and say hello! I'll have some freebie magnets featuring Florida wetlands, Butterfly World and various zoo's for those of you who mention that you read this posting.

Nov 14 & 15
Central High School
9450 Ray White Rd
Keller, TX 76248
Sat 9-5
Sun 11-5
Nov 21

North Garland High School
2109 Buckingham Road
Garland, TX 75042

Dec 1

Texas Womens University
TWU Student Union Office
304 Administration Drive
Denton, Texas 76201

Dec 2

Hall Office Park
2801 Network Blvd
Frisco, TX 75034

Dec 5

Denton High School
1007 Fulton
Denton, TX 76201

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Alright everyone...let's say it all together now..."What's in your drawers?"

The first picture is what's in my ribbon drawer. These are the short pieces, leftovers and those from swaps. I love ribbon swaps! I love a little of everything if you haven't noticed by now.

This next drawer belongs to Pat Winters , the most gifted crazy quilter I have ever seen. Please take the time to go to her blog and look at her work. It is fabulous!

My friend Rita from sent this photo to me of her ribbon drawer and a beautiful vintage purse. Rita makes soap, photo albums, greeting cards and so much more. Stop by her Etsy store and see what she's up to. Her soaps make your hands so soft!

Alright now, send me some pictures of your drawers! Send them to and watch in the future to see "What's in your drawers."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This and that, What's in your drawers?

This first picture of clothing labels is from Juana. She's got a nice stash of labels. Stop by her blog, part spanish, part english....

I have a small stash and of course am working on more....I would like to have more of the vintage labels.
So....."What's in your drawers?"

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Button, button, who's got the button?

I have a poll on this blog asking "What are you hoarding?" Embellishments came in 1st and buttons came in 2nd.
So "What's in your drawers?" Send me your photos of your buttons and embellishments!
These button balls are my favorite!

Glitters, a little more sparkle!

Valerie B., of, says "Being a total magpie at heart I love everything that glitters. I am automatically drawn to all that is shiny so it's no surprise that I love glitter. Technically there is more then just glitter in this drawer but it all is in the same family so it all lives together for now. There is also mica flakes, cracked ice, and real glass chips as well as very small confetti."

Does anybody have any Stickles? Margaret makes greeting cards and loves to use a little Stickles here and there.

I've started collecting some of the glass glitters. I love the look of glass glitter in and out of the jars! If you have glass glitters what do you store yours in? Something fancy or functional?
So, What's in your drawers? We're all anxious to see what you have!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sparkle and Shine

My plastic shoebox full of vintage cluster earrings. I'm making some rings with these.

Margaret V. has a drawer of sparklies.

Cory of Artworks, in Glendale, AZ. has these sites to visit:, and has lots of neat trinkets in her jewelry drawer. Cory is a mixed media artist and art jewelry designer. She calls this drawer her "junk for jewelry" drawer and uses these pieces for art jewelry.

This is my favorite drawer of vintage rhinestones.

Skin, Bones, Skulls and Teeth

The top drawer belongs to Cindy Shepard of the Rowdy Grandma blog and also has an Etsy store Cyndali . Here is what she has to say about this drawer. "The first one is my bone drawer, seems I am not so weird after all everyone has a bone drawer these!! The other items in the drawer are some old, gooey fishing worms (they feel really slimy), and of course one of may favorite art mediums.....snake skins from my Boa, Diana. There are also a few loose teeth in the bottom of the drawer."

Once again, before you know it, you have a collection of something. Who knows where these items will end up....

The bottom 2 are mine. I got the teeth from grandparents and estate sales. Can you believe, estate sales? Most of the bottom ones were found on a railroad track. By the way, railroad tracks are a great source for bones.
Mixed media and altered art artists do collect and use some of the oddest things. Don't you agree?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well it appears that we all still like to play with dolls. The dolls in the photo at the top belong to the drawers of Margaret V. Estate sales are a great find for litlle bits of treasures.
The drawer below belongs to me. I once found a jar full of Barbie heads. Bonus...


Valerie B. of Since I am known for doing punchart I thought it only appropriate to include one of my many punch drawers. (I own over 1700 punches and still counting.) This is the drawer I use most next to the one with all the circles. (It is all my funky hearts and stars.) The drawer is extra deep so it is hard to keep organized like the other drawers that house my punches. I am constantly shoving the ones on top aside to get to the ones underneath.
Wow over 1700 punches! Valerie is a very talented artist so make sure you go by her blog and see her work!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Choice containers

So...Do you have a container of choice? My favorite containers are the embroidery floss containers. You know the flat one with divided sections. OH, OH. Great poll question.

How many do you have.... I love it. See new poll. Okay, I'm in the over 100 category. My room is crazy organized. Key word....crazy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cultural Curiosities

These of course were staged. They are from one of my own drawers. Some in the "too special to use" category. A lot of these are made from real bones!
The first pic is fibers, shells, beads, bells, metal thingies. They are probably made in Mexico. The others are made from bones and some wood and leather. The longest piece is about 5".
I actually picked these up from an estate sale. The woman did some amazing textile work and traveled all over the world. If I would have had an extra $1,000. to blow that day, I would have been in heaven.