Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glitters, a little more sparkle!

Valerie B., of, says "Being a total magpie at heart I love everything that glitters. I am automatically drawn to all that is shiny so it's no surprise that I love glitter. Technically there is more then just glitter in this drawer but it all is in the same family so it all lives together for now. There is also mica flakes, cracked ice, and real glass chips as well as very small confetti."

Does anybody have any Stickles? Margaret makes greeting cards and loves to use a little Stickles here and there.

I've started collecting some of the glass glitters. I love the look of glass glitter in and out of the jars! If you have glass glitters what do you store yours in? Something fancy or functional?
So, What's in your drawers? We're all anxious to see what you have!


  1. Mine are in the original bottles and the glitter as it came...I would love to have those salt shakers, but there were none available at the flea market!

  2. They are Anchor Hocking salt shakers. You can find them on Ebay for cheap!

  3. oh, sparkly! I love the salt shakers!!

  4. I love the glitter stored in the salt shakers! that's too I will pick those up at the thrift store..just what I need, a new reason to go! hahahaha :0)

    Queen of Dreamsz