Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well it appears that we all still like to play with dolls. The dolls in the photo at the top belong to the drawers of Margaret V. Estate sales are a great find for litlle bits of treasures.
The drawer below belongs to me. I once found a jar full of Barbie heads. Bonus...


  1. Bonus indeed! Great pictures. I still need to get my pics unloaded. What a great site this is for me, INSPIRATIONAL!


  2. Tam, Thanks so much! I'm having fun with it and hope that everyone else is also.

  3. Wonderful. I just love these photos. What a novel idea!

  4. Howdy Mary~ You were my first ever "commenter-er" one my first ever "blab O which you wrote something along the lines of not knowing how you stumbled across my page and I not knowing (at the time) how to respond...yet! I've sussed how it all happend...we have lots and lots in common! Saying all this, let me add..."I love love love this blog and photo responses you've got happening with "What's in your Drawers"? ....What about those dolls and the salt shaker glitter ? Isn't that something or what?!
    I agree with what you said in respect to the artist studio and the missing info about "what's in the drawers".
    In this long~winded comment I would like to say before my goodbye....all the classes being offerd on how to do this and that AND the publications of "where women create" You know what I think is missing ? A class on how to organize your studio for those who can't !!!
    I would love to learn how to organize my studio space in a cost efficient way. I am forever losing my focus due to searching for something ! HEY, theres my next blog!

    I had a quick glance at the items you offer on Etsy.....may have to have a gander at your goods....this maybe the start of something great ?

    Love love love the blog ! Very Nice !!!

    Samantha A.