Friday, February 20, 2009

Choice containers

So...Do you have a container of choice? My favorite containers are the embroidery floss containers. You know the flat one with divided sections. OH, OH. Great poll question.

How many do you have.... I love it. See new poll. Okay, I'm in the over 100 category. My room is crazy organized. Key word....crazy.


  1. It's not crazy if you know where everything is. I go crazy when I forget which pile I put something in, or when heaven forbid someone moves my stuff because its location is mapped in my head in relation to other objects ;o)

  2. Crazy is the buzz word for me -- not even gonna pretend to be organized - only I know where things are -- and sometimes I am surprized at what i find --lol My crazy-funny hub says --kind of like hiding your own easter eggs - and surprised at finding them -- getting older here lol - Love your blog -kathy-ga

  3. Oops - I thought you were asking how many containers do I have with embroidery floss in it. I felt so good select 1 to 15!
    Now that I know you want that count - well I don't have over 100 but I definitely have more than 15, sigh.

  4. Kathy, it was a trick question! Now it makes me feel better, I can use that as an excuse for the responses being so low. I'm kinda embarressed that I have so many! I have over 100. But not yet to 151.