Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dead things...bones, bones, chicken and bones...

Lisa Vollrath of Ten Two Studios has been kind enough to share some photos of her drawers with us! Now she isn't one of the little people by far, but I'm not complaining!

I'll have to share my favorite drawer first! Dead things, skulls and bones! Here is what Lisa has to say about this drawer...

"I call this my Dead Things Drawer. Inside, you'll find plastic skull beads in all different sizes, a couple of small plastic skeletons, bones that have been cleaned and dried, some snake skins, and assorted plastic bugs and snakes. Any time I'm working on a piece that's dark and creepy, this drawer is open."

Thanks for sharing Lisa!
So, What's in your drawers?


  1. This is great, I kinda wish I had a dead things drawer. Hmmmmm I have a clown drawer!

  2. ha ha! i have a drawer like that. i just finished a necklace that required snake

  3. TAM-The two drawers that I most want to fill are Dead, creepy, scarey and clown stuff. I want to see your clown drawer!

    Connie-No reason why we can't post pics of completed projects! That will still show off supplies!

    Thank you both for commenting and send your pics!

  4. I have a little bit of a lot of stuff, but you have Great Stuff.

  5. We all have great stuff! This is exactly why I started this blog. I'm curious and I know that everyone else is also!

    Show me what's in your drawers!

  6. Great idea..I love looking in peoples drawers.

  7. Oh Cindy. you love my drawer because you have one just like it!