Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come one, come all!

Come on you guys! You don't have to do a lot of preparation to take your pictures! HaHa! That is funny isn't it? But really. I know I would spend 45 minutes getting one little cigar box ready for a picture. In the meantime we are all waiting! Take a couple of pics for now and then when you have 45 minutes, then do the staging and photo op.

Thanks to all of you who are submitting pictures! Be on the lookout for yours! We might even learn some cool storage tips! We'll also see that some of us are crazy hoarders. Not me...


  1. Mary,
    What a fun idea! I have a LOT of drawers and I'd love to take some pictures to share.
    I am looking forward to seeing more drawers.

  2. Mary, you have SIX blogs? How DO you do what you do? I took your survey and found that my four choices matched the 4 most 'popular' choices. I guess it's OCD. I just spent over $90 on supplies I HAD to have, only going shopping in 2 stores for a total of 2 items, ending up with 17 items, due to a clearance sale at Michaels. And stretched canvases take up space. I better follow through with some painting.
    Your Etsy friend, Kathy Keith

  3. Ok Miss Mary...wheres the drawers we sent ya??

  4. Kathy! How are you?! I just don't sleep ya know!

    Miss Rita, I'm categorizing some of the pictures, so everyone if you have sent some pics in and they are similar to someone else's drawers I'll feature them in one post!

    Thanks to everyone who has sent pics in!